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Sunkissed Strands White Paddle Detangling Brush

Sunkissed Strands Professional White Paddle Detangling Brush amazing for ALL hair types on wet or dry hair with or without extensions. Great for home use or in hair salon or both!

Exfoliates scalp and stimulating hair follicles to the scalp. 

Detangles hair while improving hair health and added shine.

Drainage hole for shower and wet hair products.

Plastic handle with rubber cushion. 

Flexible metal bristles to detangle and stimulate hair follicles.

Brush great for root smudging/ blending extensions. 

How to use: Brush starting at your ends first then work your way up to the roots. If wearing extensions use your hand by covering the hand sewn wefts or seamless clip in wefts.

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Sunkissed Strands White Paddle Detangling Brush